Captivate your audience

and drive engagement

Face-to-face interaction within our 3D environments allow you

to interact and build relationships as if you were in person.

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Looking to host an event?

Here is how we approach it:

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Purpose driven

We help you align your audience with the objective of the event. Providing a narrative that takes them on a journey that is fun and encourages collaboration.

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Engaging 3d environments

Choose from our range of environments or build your own. The laws of physics don’t apply here. Create rooms that deliver results, not convention and give your audience something to remember.

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Dynamic movement

Attendees can move between conversations as freely as they would in-person by using the arrow keys on their keyboard. Empowering them to be in control of their own online experience. Perfect for casual conversations and relationship building. 


“Mixed Reality Rooms have really helped bring our virtual summit, CURIOUS, to another level. The dedicated MRR team created a bespoke, never-before-seen virtual expo that not only left all attendees impressed but also helped Kenshoo achieve certain goals that can be quite challenging to meet virtually.


Overall, it was the closest we felt to a physical event in a while, which is extremely refreshing during times like these. The team at MRR also deserves a huge shout-out for their ongoing commitment, non-stop support and ability to turn things around very quickly”

Michelle Urwin | Field Marketing Director

Host various types of events

Online face-to-face interaction for:

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Connect your audience

in ways they didn't think were possible. 

Mixed Reality Rooms provide the environments and support that allow you to host amazing social, 3d experiences for your audiences online. 

Multi-world transport

Don't limit your event to one room.  Set up multiple and keep engagement levels high by taking your audience on a journey through different environments. 

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