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Partner marketing

Are you looking for an exciting and engaging way to approach your Partner Marketing?

Using Mixed Reality Rooms you can collaborate with each of your strategic partners; leveraging co-branded experiences to drive brand awareness, identify hidden opportunities and accelerate deal flow.

Detailed audience insights help provide contextualized follow-up prompts and allow you to track the ROI of the events you run together.

Drive sales through strategic partnerships

This is the conversation you need to have with your partners:


"I feel we could both strategically benefit from running a co-hosted event on XYZ that introduces our products, services, and thought-leadership to each other's audiences."


"Let's bring our audiences into a gamified, co-branded immersive experience that allows them to explore, meet solution specialists from both sides and introduce XYZ themes"


"Introduce our brands to a wider audience, build trust with new prospects through collaboration, and uncover new deal opportunities. "


New way:
26% conversion rate from audience-to-lead

Excitement and intruige

  • Get partners new and old excited to work with you by co-creating immersive interactive experiences where you can deliver your content to genuinely engaged audiences.

Reflects current buyer behvaiours

  • Allow attendees to socialize and lead their own experiences. Rather than forcing attendees to watch your content in long one-sided presentations; fuel attendee curiosity and encourage them to stay longer with an (optional) gamified quest.

Easily accessible

  • Super simple and accessible. People are able to join from anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

Enable Sales Teams and Solutions Specialists

  • Sales teams and solution experts can divide and conquer large groups of people simultaneously to maximise lead capture.

Old ways:
Are you bored of this too?

Joint content (eBooks/blog posts)

  • Very time-consuming for only a very small percentage of people to consume.

Joint webinars

  • Predominantly one-way communication

  • The majority of the audience sit idle and switch off

  • Don't offer like-minded people to interact and provide social validation

Co-branded in-person events

  • Are expensive and time-consuming, and in our new world, people are less willing to travel.

How it works: Partner Marketing

Use Mixed Reality Rooms to run personalized partner marketing experiences with each of your partners and get going in less than 10 minutes.

Mixed Reality Rooms Flow Chart (4).png

A friendly reminder...

Incremental improvements to your traditional marketing methods won't make you a hero.

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