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Prospecting and
Sales Enablement

Do you want to break through the noise and reach your target accounts?

Send the ultimate personalized outreach experience, communicate your message in a fun dynamic way, and collect prospect insights without the need for a call.

The outcome?


Sales love you for giving them something exciting to approach prospects with and you hit your MQL targets.

Are you finding it difficult to engage prospects?

Here are two ways you can leverage
immersive experiences to win new business.


Create personalized experiences for each account and challenge them directly to take part in a fun, educational interactive experience.

Demand genaration

Create industry or product-specific interactive experiences that can be distributed via social, newsletters, and on your website

New way:
Revolutionise your sales game.

Exciting, personalizable, and instantly memorable

  • Prospects are impressed that you built an experience that looks expensive just for them and appreciate the personalized approach, equaling more positive responses.

Obtain actually useful information

  • You learn more about the attendees in 7 minutes than you would over multiple hours of one-way webinars or just getting them to consume existing content in their own time.

Easily accessible

  • Super simple and accessible. People are able to join from anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

Contextualised gift sending

  • It doesn't feel like a bribe if they've earned it. "Congrats Lucy, here are 8 brownies for getting 8 out of 10 on our Cyber Security quiz earlier".

Old way:
Are you bored of this too?

Outbound emails

  • Ineffective "just following up" or boring "thought you might be interested in reading our latest case study" emails.

Webinars & group calls

  • Predominantly one-way communication

  • The majority of the audience sit idle and switch off

  • Don't offer like-minded people to interact and provide social validation

Direct mail & gift sending

  • Can be expensive, very rarely related to your product, doesn't open up easy two-way communication, can be seen as a bribe if sent with no context.

The steps to execution

Use Mixed Reality Rooms to run personalized account-based experiences
and get going in less than 10 minutes.

Mixed Reality Rooms Flow Chart (6).png

A friendly reminder...

Incremental improvements to your traditional marketing methods won't make you a hero.

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