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Frequently Answered Questions
What is Mixed Reality Rooms?

Mixed Reality Rooms is a platform shaping the next generation of how and where we communicate.


We help leading brands deliver powerful, unforgettable sales & marketing experiences tailored for high-value targets. Our bespoke 3D environments generate excitement and powerful engagement surrounding online group meetings and events.


Now more than ever now, professionals are feeling burnt out on "virtual events" - give your high-value customers a truly memorable experience and stand out!

How does it work?

We work together to design your dream environment based on use case, audience size, themes and features.

Our unique combination of spatial audio, dynamic movement and first-person perspective makes events feel live and immersive.

Inside each room are numerous activation areas to further customise individual events - animated 3D objects, branding, video, content downloads, photowalls, quizzes and games.

Guaranteed to delight and engross attendees - let our valuable backend analytics dashboard be the proof.

How many people can attend my events?

Our platform is designed with scalability in mind and therefore there is no real limit to how many people can join an experience. However, most environments are designed for between 30-150 guests at a time.

How often can I access my HQ?

Host larger team meetings and/or guests outside your organisation for a predetermined number of events per month. As a customer, you have unlimited internal access to your HQ for as many organiser licenses as you purchase. 

How many sponsors can I have?

There is no set limit as to how many sponsors you can have at your event. We also encourage our clients to take a creative approach as to what those sponsorship opportunities look like. We can build custom games, booths, put up signage, create breakout zones, activate dynamic photo walls, build custom games, and even shape the physics of the environment to reflect your brand.


Want your own skyscraper office in the clouds to entertain clients? No problem. Branded beach for networking drinks? Sure thing. Host a panel on Mars? Please say yes. 

What anayltics can be tracked?

We can track content engagement, session times, asset downloads, communications and more. We have heat maps of where attendees spent their time, can see who interacted with who, and even tell you what parts of your presentations were the most engaging and more..

What technology is needed and do I need to download anything?

Our platform runs in a standard web browser, no downloads or applications necessary. Anyone can join from a Desktop or Tablet - all you need is a microphone, webcam, keyboard, and a stable internet connection.

How quickly can I get started?

Environments take 1-2 weeks to set up and in some cases take up to 6. This includes configuring branding elements, designing booths, uploading content and scheduling activities. Feature customisations are estimated on a case-to-case up to 6 weeks. 


In under 4 hours we will train you to customise your own conferences, demos, workshops, onboardings- anything.

Still have questions? contact us.

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