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Customer marketing

Are you looking for a refreshing and engaging way to approach your customer marketing?

We have helped world-leading B2B brands deliver exceptional customer marketing experiences for their 'Tier 1' accounts; generating them millions in revenue. 

Whether the goal is to drive retention and loyalty, encourage advocacy, spread awareness, monitor brand perception, or grow account value.  


The metrics may differ but the process to execute is the same. 

Identified a customer with a big upsell opportunity?

This is the conversation you need to have with your champion:


"You’ve achieved so much in XYZ in a department...let your whole organization know about it"


"Take your colleagues into an immersive experience to share your successes and introduce XYZ theme"


"Generate XYZ TECH in other departments of your business, build a case pipeline & grow your team to cater for this demand."


New way: Mixed Reality Rooms
6x more leads from workshops

Excitement and intruige

  • By co-creating an immersive 3D Mixed Reality experience with your customer champion you can showcase your successes to genuinely engaged audiences.

Reflects current buyer behvaiours

  • Allow attendees to socialize and lead their own experiences. Rather than forcing attendees to watch your content in long one-sided presentations; fuel attendee curiosity and encourage them to stay longer with an (optional) gamified quest.

Easily accessible

  • Super simple and accessible. Stakeholders are able to join from anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

Enable Sales Teams and Solutions Specialists

  • Sales teams and solution experts can divide and conquer large groups of people simultaneously to maximise lead capture.

Old ways:
Are you bored of this too?

Decks and one-pagers

  • ​​Only 7% of decks are read

  • They do little to encourage the next steps.

  • They rely on subjective feedback from your champion

Webinars & group calls

  • Predominantly one-way communication

  • The majority of the audience sit idle and switch off

  • Don't offer like-minded people to interact and provide social validation

In-person events (ideal scenario)

  • but are expensive, and time-consuming, and in our new world, people are less willing to travel.

How it works: Customer Marketing

Use Mixed Reality Rooms to run personalized customer marketing experiences for each customer account and get going in less than 10 minutes.

Mixed Reality Rooms Flow Chart (4).png

A friendly reminder...

Incremental improvements to your traditional marketing methods won't make you a hero.

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