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Conference & Trade Show 
~ Digital Extension

The world has changed and people are less likely to travel.

If you are exhibiting or hosting a conference it has become even more important to have a digital component to ensure you can reach your entire audience.

We provide a simple, easy-to-use, bolt-on conference solution that you can take with you on the road.

Hosting or exhibiting at an in-person conference?

You may want to add a digital extension to broaden your reach

Attendee experience
  • Allow attendees who couldn't make it to explore the show as if they were in person

  • Allow them to network as if they were in person with other digital attendees

  • Excite them with creative content delivery and games

Sponsor experience
  • Sell additional sponsorship

  • Enable sponsors to meet with prospects in a fun informal way

  • Empower them to discuss business in private with private calling.

Your experience
  • Be in-control of your whole event through our easy to use self-serve dashboard. 

  • Call upon your account manager every time you need a little extra support before, during, or after the event.

  • Communicate the success of your event through our dashboard.

Proof points

Attendees stay twice as long

engagement with sponsors

engagement to lead conversion

Curious by kenshoo.png



“Mixed Reality Rooms have really helped bring our virtual summit, CURIOUS, to another level.


The dedicated MRR team created a bespoke, never-before-seen virtual expo that not only left all attendees impressed but also helped Kenshoo achieve certain goals that can be quite challenging to meet virtually.


Overall, it was the closest we felt to a physical event. The team at MRR also deserves a huge shout-out for their ongoing commitment, non-stop support, and ability to turn things around very quickly”

- Michelle Urwin, Director of Field Marketing, Kenshoo

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A friendly reminder...

Incremental improvements to your traditional marketing methods won't make you a hero.

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