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Job Role: Lead Software Engineer

To apply for this role please send your top three reasons why you believe you would excel in this role, below., 

About Mixed Reality Rooms

We’re an early-stage startup building a platform that brings B2B companies closer to their customers through immersive, personalized experiences. Come be part of the team tackling the challenge of building a shared world 3D experience, mixed with the stringent requirements of enterprise software. Sprinkle in analytics, unlimited scalability, cutting edge cloud infrastructure - and it needs to run on 99% of browsers. Sound like a fun challenge? :)

You’ll join a tight, fully remote team that will give you the freedom to work how and when is best for you. Your responsibilities will grow to eventually involve leading the development of many core elements of the platform, such as our back-end API service and client-side application.

A talented senior developer to come and join the team. The ideal person will be entrepreneurial, tenacious and creative. As a team, we frequently grapple with challenging problems that we don’t necessarily know the answers to. Being adaptive is key!

Position Overview

It is required that you have at least a couple of years of commercial experience with the following: technologies:

  • Typescript

  • React.

  • Nest.js.Firestore / Firebase ecosystem.

  • Bootstrap 4/5.

    It also would help if you were interested in learning about:

  • Rx.js.

  • WebRTC

  • Three.js and 3D gaming.

  • Automated testing with Jest and

  • Dependency injection

Required Experience/Skills:

How we work:

  • We are a distributed team who trust individuals to work independently.

  • We won't need you to attend regular scheduled meetings, but we are available to speak when you need us. (UTC+1 timezone).

  • We use Notion to organise our work tickets in a lightweight manner.

  • Competitive salary depending on experience

  • Generous equity

  • Remote Work Program to allow for flexibility between home and the office

  • Travel the world with access to international monthly trips

  • On-going training where required

  • Generous Parental Leave to create a family-friendly culture

  • Wellness Perks

  • 25-days holiday


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