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When creating champions...

Are you identifying the other 11 stakeholders involved in the decision-making process?

How are you ensuring your prospect is well equipped to sell internally?

How many of your leads go quiet after the demo?

New way:
7 - 14 days to close

  • Target your top 100 accounts and find out the key decision makers you want to talk too.

  • Set up a personalised and gamified experience for each account like you would an email campaign. 

  • Send them the gamified experience to enjoy that will collect 'discovery data' and introduce them to your offering. 

  • Prompt them to seamlessly book in a follow-up meeting to avoid drop-off. 

  • Access contextualised analytics instantly to prepare yourselves for your next call. 

  • Prospect joins call and has a good understanding of how you can help them.

Old way:
90-120 days to close

  • ​Build out a large email address for mass outreach. 

  • Try to create original enticing copy and send out mass emails to your database and target prospects

  • Do all the marketing, create imagery. 

  • Hire a yoga instructor to provide some unnatural entertainment in the middle of your show.


Incremental improvements to your traditional marketing methods won't make you a hero.

Curious to learn
what will? 

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