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The Mission 🚀

"A personalised and collaborative space for every B2B relationship."

We're on a mission to get companies to work together more efficiently and transparently by giving them the environments and tools to allow them to do so remotely.

Inviting people to your fancy office may have been the go-to strategy in the 70's. Introducing beanbags, free beer, and table football dragged this out another 10 years but the novelty is beginning to wear thin. The physical-digital hybrid way of work is here to stay and now, as we enter into the creator economy, people expect personalised experiences more than ever and relish the opportunity to showcase their creative flair.

Having successfully run trade shows and conferences for large corporates; hosted global team-building events across multiple continents; curated educational experiences for paleontologists (and yes, I'm talking dinosaurs!); built learning and development rooms for onboarding new employees and training existing ones; the biggest impact we have had has been for B2B sales.

There have been a few breakthroughs with how we approach sales over the last century. Splitting up the roles of sales and account managers; understanding the importance of objection handling; the introduction of technology to prospect and automate pipelines and in more recent years "The Challenger Sale" theory - which I'm a strong believer in. However, even the best sales reps need to be communicating over an engaging medium to give them a fighting chance of Closing the deal.

The sales experience is the biggest reason why B2B buyers choose to purchase solutions with over one-in-two people (56%) valuing it more than brand (18%), having a superior product (18%), or price (9%).

Now, face-to-face meetings may always be the holy grail of the sales process and we're not looking to change that. What we are focused on is optimising the remaining 90% of sub-par touch points around them.

You might meet the CTO of Microsoft at a conference over in Spain, get on really well, and agree to stay in touch. Then what happens? your follow-up emails fall into a busy inbox and you never hear from them again or perhaps you are lucky enough to get a one-dimensional video call locked in. I bet it's not going to live up to those free sangrias you were sinking at the conference afterparty, on a rooftop bar with views of La Sagrada Familia.

When momentum is everything, how do you keep the excitement going in the interim? Creepily send them beers in the post? Invite them to a party happening in a different time zone? Send dog GIFs over email? I can confirm from personal experience that these will not yield the results you are looking for (although dog GIFs do help...).

We're here to change this. Now, at the touch of a few buttons, companies can create personalised spaces to enhance, nurture, and build relationships with each of their clients. A 3D CRM that is not just fun and engaging but also collaborative. A space in which both parties can contribute to, encouraging transparency.

B2B tools need to catch up to the social norms of society and that's what we are here to do.

We're building the future of B2B communication.

Let's go!


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