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The Complete Solution To Land,
Renew and Expand Your Accounts.

You've done the hard work in landing a new account and you are producing great results so why are you finding it difficult to expand your industry agnostic solution into other departments?

It the all comes down to communication challenges associated with what we call the 'grey zone.'

To succeed you need to be able to answer these three questions:

  • What information, event or experience do we provide our champion or channel partner with to engage with other stakeholders?

  • How can we understand and determine where the other stakeholders are in the buying cycle? Ie. How aware are they of the problem we solve?

  • How can we effectively start direct conversations with these new stakeholders and departments?

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We really like to help! 😊

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The 'Grey Zone' Challenge Where Communication Gets Lost.


Struggling to comunicate with customers_ .png
Struggling to comunicate with customers_ .png

Grow Your Account Revenue with Mixed Reality Rooms

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Entice twice as many

new stakeholders to engage



Increase your number of one-to-one conversations



Meetings booked in by sales reps

How to Land and Expand in Mixed Reality

Co-create an immersive and  personalised account-based experience in just 3 clicks

Drive demand for your solutions by providing a gamified learning experience

Enable sales teams to divide and conquer the room and have conversations with multiple prospects at the same time

Maximise sales teams chances of booking in meetings by enabling them to follow up with a contextually relevant message

Capture both quantitate and qualitative data on where prospects are in the buying cycle

Get access to the platform without speaking to sales.

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