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Case Study: Creating B2B Partner Synergies Using Immersive Marketing

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

About Kenshoo:

Kenshoo offers the only marketing solution that provides data-driven insights and optimization technology to help make informed decisions and scale performance across critical publishers, including Amazon Advertising, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and many more.


  • Kenshoo runs 2 physical marketing festivals every year - one for EMEA (K in the Park) and one for the US (KX) - both have an approximate number of 400 attendees, and are sponsored by partners such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google and more, across speaking slots, partner booths, on-the-day entertainment etc.

  • These award-winning events truly stand out - aside from renowned speakers and content, K in the Park & KX introduce a ‘fun-day-out/festival’ theme with fun activities, first-class entertainment and great catering – not something you tend to see at your usual, day-to-day marketing events, and a reason these have become to popular.


  • Kenshoo wanted to bring everything that people love about its physical events, online, which is how the company started with planning its first virtual summit, CURIOUS. However, with the pandemic making virtual events the ‘new normal’ and leading many to a ‘virtual fatigue’, Kenshoo wanted to find a new way to stand out amongst these and engage its audience - like it does with its physical events.

  • Great content, first-class speakers and dips of virtual entertainment in between breaks (such as Yoga & Cooking classes), simply was not enough to make the event stand out as much as Kenshoo wanted.

  • Kenshoo wanted to take its virtual event a step further and create an environment where:

    1. Event attendees, partners and Kenshoo employees could meet, greet and interact with each other, as they would within a physical event

    2. Partners had the opportunity to showcase their brands, host meetings and generate leads.

    3. Attendees could dip into whenever they wanted to, to have a break from content, network and engage with fun activities in a way that’s unique and separate from the main stream - (similar to having separate breakout areas in a physical event)

    4. Overall, create/find a unique environment that felt closest to a physical event as possible, and one that brought CURIOUS to the next level.


  • Mixed Reality Rooms reached out to Kenshoo at the perfect time. Although deadlines were tight prior to the CURIOUS due date (October 23rd), MRR and Kenshoo still had 6 weeks to create the virtual environment that Kenshoo had in mind.

  • MRR heard Kenshoo’s requirements and goals loud and clear. The MRR team came back with an initial virtual room mock-up that with time grew more and more to support Kenshoo’s vision. The final version ended up with:

  • A main room with 1 Kenshoo booth and 8 partner booths (Amazon Advertising etc.)

  • A bespoke yoga room for the morning yoga session.

  • A bespoke kitchen room for the virtual cooking session.

  • Bespoke capabilities like adding in a photowall, virtual quizzes, and even name tags per individual to encourage engagement and increased interaction


  • 360 unique leads captured

  • 1259 unique visits across all booths (Kenshoo and partners)

  • +48 hours spent in the virtual expo across all visitors (inc. Kenshoo & partners)

About Mixed Reality Rooms

Mixed Reality Rooms brings B2B companies closer to their target accounts, customers, and partners with stand-out marketing metaverse experiences. Reach out today if you'd like to talk to one of our team about the benefits of leveraging Mixed Reality in your customer, partner and product marketing.


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