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Case Study: Driving B2B and B2C Membership Revenue with Fossil Crates

About Fossil Crates:

Fossil Crates is a B2B and B2C business that offers museum-quality casts of dinosaur teeth, claws, skulls, and other fossils. In addition to this they also have PaleoPortal which is a subscription service where their audience can stay up to date with the latest news and discoveries in the world of paleontology.


The Challenge:

Fossil Crates were looking to drive B2B and B2C loyalty and membership revenue. They also wanted to solidify their position as leader in bridging paleontology and technology all the while delighting their community of customers and peers.


The solution:

Mixed Reality Rooms enabled Fossil Crates to launch two digital products (DinoMeet & DinoCrates) that allowed users to purchase their very own digital Dinosaur Museum and kit it out with digital products that subscribers could buy from their store.

In addition to this Mixed Reality Rooms created an immaersive Fossil Crates Museum which could slide right into their PaleoPortal and be used to deliver biweekly live member discussions. This was then later repurposed as virtual summer camp to drive additional revenue.


The results:

  • 3x in DTC sales and 2.2x digitals memberships

  • Event media shared to socials and used in online advertising

  • Fossil Crates paleontology exhibits leveraged by Google Cloud (B2B)

About Mixed Reality Rooms

Mixed Reality Rooms brings B2B companies closer to their target accounts, customers, and partners with stand-out marketing metaverse experiences. Reach out today if you'd like to talk to one of our team about the benefits of leveraging Mixed Reality in your customer, partner and product marketing.


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