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Case Study: Hosting Range Reviews With Channel Partners Using Immersive Marketing

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

About Brand:

The UK branch of one of the world’s leading players in the household appliances with revenues of over $2.5bn.


The trio of brands that we worked with traditionally used to host their Range Reviews with their wholesale partners in person so that they could experience the products themselves and get face-to-face feedback. Due to the pandemic this wasn't possible so they were seeking a solution that would allow their channel partners to experience the products the best they could digitally and be able to deliver presentations alongside each.


Mixed Reality Rooms were able to create an innovative showroom which reflected the brand's, accompanied with a product showcase area where they were able to upload 3D replica's of the products in discussion.

Mixed Reality Rooms was chosen over other solutions like VR because it allowed for face-to-face contact between the brand and it's partners within a 3D space and was very simple to use. They were considering shipping out VR headsets to their channel partners but they were concerned that this would be too complicated for some of the attendees to use. Moreover, this also would require a higher investment in terms of time and money.


  • 549 attendees across 12 partners

  • 167 hours of face-to-face contact time

  • 120 product videos watched (in addition to presentations being delivered)

About Mixed Reality Rooms

Mixed Reality Rooms brings B2B companies closer to their target accounts, customers, and partners with stand-out marketing metaverse experiences. Reach out today if you'd like to talk to one of our team about the benefits of leveraging Mixed Reality in your customer, partner and product marketing.


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