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Case Study: How to Launch A B2B Brand Campaign using Immersive Marketing

Updated: Jul 9, 2023


Targus is a privately owned multinational mobile computing accessories company that designs, manufactures, and sells laptop and tablet cases, computer accessories such as mice, keyboards, and privacy screens, as well as universal docking stations


Targus were looking for a way to launch their "Life Reimagined" branding campaign digitally to connect with their audience in a way that was more engaging than using traditional video-conferencing solutions.

It also coincided with a trade show so could be used for post-event follow up

It was important to showcase new products to their channel partners and key accounts across Europe and therefore hoped to be able to recreate their products in 3D.


Mixed Reality Rooms were able to present 3D product models alongside corresponding media and slide deck to groups of 8-25 stakeholders.

The Mixed Reality platform itself also allowed Targus to create spaces for every audience, meaning they could tailor their pitch accordingly and translate where needed into in German, French, Spanish and English.

Beyond external marketing and sales, the Mixed Reality Rooms platform also helped Targus facilitate informal introductions across regional teams internally. Colleagues who had not had the chance to meet in person due to the pandemic restrictions.


  • 307 prospects engaged in 30 days.

  • 36.4hrs video consumed

  • 764 attendee downloads and interactions

  • New cross-organisational relationships made internally across Europe

About Mixed Reality Rooms

Mixed Reality Rooms brings B2B companies closer to their target accounts, customers, and partners with stand-out marketing metaverse experiences. Reach out today if you'd like to talk to one of our team about the benefits of leveraging Mixed Reality in your customer, partner and product marketing.


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