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How It Works

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

What is Mixed Reality Rooms?

Mixed Reality Rooms is the account-based engagement platform built to nurture relationships and invigorate the modern B2B buying process. We equip teams with amazing branded spaces to support the dynamic organic human connection with the convenience of digital, helping colleagues and clients learn, connect, and feel closer.

Why mixed reality?

Especially amidst a global pandemic, most account touch points in the modern B2B sales cycle are inevitably digital. You don't need us to tell you - most knowledge workers are just "Zoomed" out. According to research compiled by, more than 35% of knowledge workers spend 2 to 5 hours per day on video meetings and calls. We can't depend on increasingly rare face-to-face opportunities to nurture our communities.

Existing event solutions most crucially lack

  • Opportunities to differentiate experiences for key accounts in different verticals

  • Spontaneity of real life conversation and event flow

  • Attendee engagement - it's just too easy to tune out when the subject matter feels distant and you can hide behind a muted camera and microphone!

Current challenges of the new B2B sales process

Our platform is different. Closer makes it possible produce virtual event experiences that impress, excite, and help you make the most of your time with specific high-value attendees.

  • Exciting & Different- Most of your guests haven't seen something like this at work before. Fantastical, immersive environments are a delightful icebreaker that may be interwoven with the format of our event, and first-person controls encourages constant attendee input.

  • Master a Repeatable Structure - put everything in place - literally - to reliably represent your brand while tailoring information for key groups. Leverage your team - dedicated audio zones within an environment create opportunities to connect and follow all your key decision makers within an account in a fraction of the time. Get even closer with the private breakout video chats.

  • Command attention - By its dynamic face-to-face nature, the platform gives guests no opportunity to tune out. Let attendees consume content freely or communicate to all attendees with screenshares, livestreams, and slideshows.

  • Self-serve set up - Customise content activities like quizzes, videos, downloads, promotions, and presentations, even minutes before the event. Visualising event results is a breeze in your dedicated dashboard.

The Guest Experience

Guests are in control of their own experience - though carefully curated by you, of course -using keyboard controls. Everyone presents to others as their live video feed on a hovering tablet that also displays their Name & Company.

Guests may explore installations and mingle organically between more technical and content-driven presentations by event hosts. The self-directed navigation and face-to-face nature of the experience keeps guests engaged throughout - turning off your camera is not even an option (just like in real life!)!

The rooms

Fun and fantastic 3D environments delight and engage attendees. The room's intentional but open floor plan encourages guests to interact with various installations, all content in which can be customised to specific audiences. Teams may even wish to upload their own 3D models and environments to our platform, or leverage our in-house creatives to imagine unusual and exciting spaces.

  • Tailor event content, downloads and vistuals for your specific decision makers at key accounts

  • Choose between a fantastic full-on customised brand headquarters, an amazing existing environment, or event upload your own 3D designs and models

  • Host unlimited events inside your owned virtual space!

Getting started is simple

Elevate your sales process with your complete customized branded experience by talking to us.

How much is a truly standout customer experience worth to your business?


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