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A 3D Immersive Communication Tool
For When The Message Matters

Whether you’re looking for a virtual office to bring your remote teams together or run an end-of-year holiday party, strengthen communication with the sales teams out in the field, or the one responsible for organizing the company-wide annual conference; the Mixed Reality Rooms platform can help you engage with your teams around the world.

Improve the effectiveness of your internal communications and scale company culture with:

  • Mixed Reality office spaces for remote workers

  • Mixed Reality holiday parties

  • Online conferences and exhibitions

  • All hands meetups and workshops

  • Hiring, training and onboarding

The Mixed Reality Wellness Retreat



The Platform For When Internal
🗣 Communication Matters 🗣

Hear How It's Helped Our Clients

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 12.45.28.png

“Mixed Reality Rooms have really helped bring our virtual summit, CURIOUS, to another level. The dedicated MRR team created a bespoke, never-before-seen virtual expo that not only left all attendees impressed but also helped Kenshoo achieve certain goals that can be quite challenging to meet virtually.


Overall, it was the closest we felt to a physical event in a while, which is extremely refreshing during times like these. The team at MRR also deserves a huge shout-out for their ongoing commitment, non-stop support and ability to turn things around very quickly”

Michelle Urwin | Field Marketing Director


How to Communicate in Mixed Reality


Create an immersive and personalised 3D space in just 3 clicks

Enhance the experience by adding games, quizzes, photo walls, or whiteboards to promote collaboration

When happy with your experience. Send out automatically generated invite links to attendees

Download event wrap-up report to view relevant analytics and export photo walls for personalized post-event follow-ups.

Allow attendees to have a self-led experience and if needed use the host tools to broadcast event-wide messages

Get access to the platform without speaking to sales.

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