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Grow Your Revenue By Releasing Digital Versions of Your Products at Zero Cost

If you work in eCommerce the chances are you've heard about Web3.0. Well our new product is designed to help you capitalize with zero risk. ​


  • Subscription model revenue

  • 100% profit on digital product sales

  • Accelerated community growth through network effects

You're a good fit if:

  • You're an eCommerce company generating more than £10,000/pm.

  • Have fans not just customers

What do we mean by zero-cost?

Mixed Reality Rooms will invest up to £10,000 of design time into co-creating a 3D environment with you for your fans to purchase from you on a subscription basis. We then operate on a revenue share model.


Grow Revenue with High-Margin Digital Products Designed for Web3.0 with Zero Risk



Old way

Just physical products

Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 18.16.49.png

New way

Create digital versions of your products to sell

How We Work Together



Mixed Reality Rooms invests the resources to co-create a 3D environment for your fans. 

Your customer buys a subscription for their own version of our co-created environment through your website.

Mixed Reality Rooms makes digital versions of your popular products for you to advertise on your website.

Your fans buy additional digital products off your website and are able to use them in their room.

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